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Melia Dubia Physical & Mechanical Properties

Round, Cylindrical & Straight Bole Timber Is The Important Feature Of Melia Dubia.

MeliaDubiaWood Length of fiber 0.961mm; Narrow cells with an average diameter of 0.025 mm

MELIADUBIAWOOD Lumen Width Averages 0.017mm

MELIADUBIAWOOD  Cell Walls Thin  0.005 Mm 27.41 % Lignin & 63.54 % Cellulose

Melia Dubia Wood Sapwood Is Grayish-white, Usually With A Yellowish Cast

Melia Dubia Wood 'Heartwood' Is Light Pink-red When First Exposed

Melia Dubia Wood Turning Pale Neat Brown On Ageing, Subject To Grey Stain

Melia Dubia Wood “Shiny with dry feel without characteristic odour or taste”

Melia Dubia Wood 0.29 % Ash

Melia Dubia Wood 4.9 % Water-Soluble

Melia Dubia Wood It Is Very Light -Specific Gravity Is 0.34

Melia Dubia Wood Straight-Grained

Melia Dubia Wood Somewhat Uneven-textured

Melia Dubia Wood Good Shaping Quality

Melia Dubia Wood Yearly 3 Or 4 Growth Rings

Melia Dubia Wood Timber Is Not Durable In Exposed Situations But Moderately So Under Cover It Is Not As Strong And Durable As Neem

Melia Dubia Wood 5th year M. dubia wood recorded maximum density (500.20 kg m-3)

Melia Dubia Wood 5th year old M. Dubia maximum value

Melia Dubia Wood The current study set the aptness of 5th year old M.Dubia wood as raw material for plywood, pencil, packing cases, and light furniture industry